The IESL Queensland Chapter was established on 6 December 2016 as a fully incorporated professional association in the state of Queensland.

Formed 110 years after the establishment of IESL (1906) this is the third chapter of IESL in an Australian state following upon the previously established chapters in NSW & WA.

Much of the ground work for this achievement was done and foundations were laid in late 2015 and 2016 by a dedicated working group of volunteers from the Sri Lankan engineering fraternity in Queensland embarking on a membership drive and the formation of a provisional committee to work on the formalities of obtaining the statutory recognition in Queensland and the formal approval of IESL leading up to the establishment of the chapter in late 2016.

Vision Statement

Be amongst the leading professional institutions in engineering and technology in the world. 

Mission Statement

To connect with, educate, empower and enhance the skills of our members and fellow engineers to develop and deliver solutions to real world challenges nurtured by our unique Queensland experience while upholding the overarching objectives and values of the IESL.

Objectives of the chapter

(a) to engage in learned society activities in Queensland, for the advancement of the profession of engineering.

(b) to promote IESL membership amongst engineers and engineering students in Queensland.

(c) to promote IESL amongst the engineering community in Queensland, in particular amongst those engineers of Sri Lankan origin.

(d) to maintain liaison with IESL.

(e) to provide support, guidance and facilitation for engineers and engineering students of Sri Lankan origin now residing in Queensland to become members of IESL in different classes and for those who are already members of IESL to upgrade their class of membership.

(f) to assist and support engineers and engineering students of Sri Lankan origin now residing in Queensland, in their efforts to engage in the engineering profession.

(g) to provide assistance, support, training, coaching, and mentoring for engineers and engineering students of Sri Lankan origin including MEMBERS who may need such services.

(h) to assist students and prospective students of Sri Lankan origin to acquire University engineering education (undergraduate and post graduate) in Queensland.

(i) to facilitate enhancing engineering knowledge and skills amongst MEMBERS and to encourage the development of knowledge and competency.

(j) to assist, support and facilitate MEMBERS in their efforts to develop their professional standing in the field of engineering.

(k) to promote the general welfare of its MEMBERS.

(l) to facilitate networking amongst its MEMBERS and other persons who are engaged in the field of engineering in Queensland.

(m) to nurture and facilitate fellowship amongst engineers and engineering students of Sri Lankan origin residing in Queensland and their families.

(n) to promote cooperation and facilitate activities between the MEMBERS and IESL members resident outside Queensland.

(o) to promote engineering capacity building and technology transfer to IESL members in Sri Lanka in association with IESL.

(p) to share knowledge and resources (including equipment) with IESL, with engineers in Sri Lanka, and with engineering educational institutions in Sri Lanka, in collaboration and/or with the concurrence of IESL.

(q) to acquire by gift, purchase, lease or otherwise real property and to establish in time an office to be equipped, operated and maintained by the Chapter.

(r) to continue the functions and to control and manage the assets of the Chapter.


To achieve these objectives the Chapter has ambitiously initiated an agenda of activities comprising of Continuous Professional Development events, a membership expansion drive a fund raising raffle and closely working with IESL Colombo to deliver knowledge sharing projects in Sri Lanka.

A significant contingent of highly experienced and skilled engineers of Sri Lankan origin are spread across the regional and metropolitan areas of this geographically the second largest and demographically the third most populous state of Australia with a predominantly resources, mining and agriculture based economic profile contributing to the national economy with a significant portion of the export earnings of Australia.

While catering predominantly to this membership the Chapter will expand its professional links with Engineers Australia and other IESL chapters in Australia and overseas.