“Honorary Life Fellows of IESL”, “Honorary Fellows of IESL”, “Fellows of IESL”, “Honorary Members of IESL”, “Members of IESL”, “Associate Members of IESL”, “Companions of IESL”, “Affiliate Members of IESL”, ”Associates of IESL” and  “Students of IESL” and “Provisional Members” of the Chapter are collectively referred to as MEMBERS of the Chapter.

“Honorary Life Fellow of IESL”,  “Honorary Fellow of IESL”, “Fellow of IESL”, “Honorary Member of IESL”, “Member of IESL”, “Associate Member of IESL”, “ Companion of IESL ”, “Affiliate Member of IESL”, ”Associate of IESL” and  “Student of IESL” refer  to the members  of respective  membership classes of IESL and they are financial members of the IESL. These members automatically become members of the Chapter upon application and there is no fee to join the Chapter.

However, a new membership category known as ‘Provisional’ has been offered to Engineers who live in Queensland up to 8th December 2017.

In order to become a Provisional Member, the applicant shall be a resident in Queensland and shall provide evidence to satisfy the Committee that he/she has one or more of the following qualification/criteria:

(a)  the applicant had been a  member of IESL in the past and had ceased to be a member for non-payment of subscription fees

(b)  the applicant is an engineering graduate of a University recognised by the IESL or possesses any other qualifications acceptable to IESL for the class of Associate Member or a higher class

(c)   the Committee is satisfied that the applicant is working as an engineer in Queensland

(d)  the applicant is a member of any other professional engineering association where both the name  of the  association and the class of membership are acceptable to the Committee

The provisional membership is free.


Application Process

An applicant for Membership of the Chapter must be proposed by one MEMBER (the proposer) and seconded by another MEMBER (the seconder). Of the proposer and the seconder at least one should not be a Student. An application for Membership must be:

(a) in writing; and

(b) signed by the applicant and the applicant’s proposer and seconder; and

(c) submitted in the Membership application form as decided by the Committee

Upon receiving an application for a class of Membership (other than for the class of a IESL Provisional Member), the Secretary, must obtain confirmation from IESL of the applicant’s membership status.

For more information about membership, please contact